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Problems that AltusLMS solves

Keeping your team in compliance can be a headache. AltusLMS makes it easier to put training on auto-pilot and be able to pull reports on how your team is doing.

Team Training is tough to get everyone on the same page. We make it easy to assign courses and have the system automatically follow-up with users to finish their assigned courses.

Partners? Why we're stronger together

Leveraging our resources and your passion, there’s a lot we can achieve together. We’ve got experience and can help you in Public Relations, Speaking Opportunities, Live Event Opportunities, Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing, Increasing Brand Awareness, Softening the Market, Thought Leadership, and New Product Launches.

We’ve also done some pretty amazing things in the following spaces, Podcast Development, Virtual Conferences, Course Distribution, Course Marketing, and Joint Partnerships for Course Development.

Is an LMS right for my organization?

There’s a lot to weigh when deciding when to invest in the cost of a learning management system. Here’s why it’s better to start now!

  • Digital learning is BOOMING
  • COVID-19 means people are learning online in their free time
  • Take your business to the next level and increase your returns/activity on your courses you have available
  • You can start building up your community today
  • The sooner you start, the more content you’ll be creating to fill your site
  • If you don’t start today, you might not start tomorrow

Real People, Real Results.

“They created a great experience for us, our customers and users. We've worked with the Altus Team for the past 2-years on the delivery of podcast and on-demand continuing education programs. They know how to work with Subject Matter Experts and end-users to handle support and issue the correct certificates.”


“We use the AltusLMS platform to distribute, track and report annual compliance education for our customers. The AltusLMS Platform has been easy to use, they’ve built in features we’ve requested over the years and there support team is highly professional.”

LMS LeaderPetrone

“We’ve worked with the Altus Team for the past 4-years on the delivery of webinars, virtual conferences and continuing education programs. They know how to work with an audience of 5,000 webinar attendees, handle support and issue the correct CE/CME certificates. It creates a great experience for us, our customers and users.”

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